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Milk Free Recipes - Tomato Sauce & Canning Part 2

We have a garden this year, and being new to gardening, didn't really know how to plan or plant or much of anything. (Ok, maybe my husband did, but I sure didn't) and we were gifted 5 baby tomato plants. We planted them, not thinking much of it, and they seemed to grow into tomato trees!! We hate tomatoes. A lot. 

I decided to make and can (jar) up some sauce. Here's how to do it... it was my first time, so it was quite an adventure for me. 

First you will need equipment. Bowls, colanders, large pots (think HUGE 20 quart pot and 6 quart pot), mason jars, thongs, jar lifters, lids (new lids each time, reusing rings and jars is ok), knife, water.

First off, if you didn't read Part One (Step 1-3)... do it now. Okay?

Ok Good.

On to part 2....

Time to sterilize... run all your jars through the dishwasher. Use heated water and a hot dry.
Boil your lids and rings for a few minutes.

Boiling some lids up

Fill your jars with a ladle and a jar funnel.
Make sure the rim of the jars stay sanitized and that you leave about 3/4" head space (I read on the web 1/4" and 1.5" so I just did 3/4" and was fine)

 Don't make a mess!

Pull a lid out of the water. Use a lid puller (see photo below, these are sold at Walmart) and don't touch the underside of the lid.
Place the lid on top of a jar.
Grab a ring (HOT be careful) and tighten it on the jar. Pretty tight, by hand though.
Put lids on all the jars.
Lid Lifter (magnetic)

Applying lid

Use a jar lifter and place all the jars that will fit into the large pot you have boiling already. Make sure water is 1" or more above the tops.
Cover pot
Boil pints for 35 minutes and boil quarts for 40 minutes.
Remove from pot with lifters and place on a towel on your counter. Cover with a towel until they pop to keep out drafts. Do not touch the lids.
You will hear clicking or popping sounds. This is normal and means the jars are sealing.
Cool on counter over night and then store in a cool dark place.

If any tops did not suck down and are still able to be pushed in, they didn't seal. You can check them after an hour to see. If they didn't eat or freeze that jar. Don't try to reseal it.

Use within 8 months or so.

Add them all slowly, or fill the rack and lower slowly

 Place them on a towel to cool.

Oh look... a free printable label Click on label for full size. Formatted to fit on 1/2 of an 8x10 sticker sheet.

Here's a site with lots of info if my How To was not clear.

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